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The Transport


Dr Riaz Ahmad Raja

For decades Iíve mused and discovered life a dream,
Simmering water all thru and piteously end in steam,
The vapours then dissolved in the enormity of space,
An earthy life is evolved and lent the heavenly grace.

Why so? Within a mortal an immortalís imprisoned,
Who reigns? Whoís ruled? Since long Iíve reasoned,
Iíve witnessed a hundred wonders on earth and in air,
Solar blasts, celestial mystery but none wilt compare

With the subtle relation and the paradoxical dance,
Betwixt heart and reason, the vision against glance,
Ambitious mind and covert guile argue and advise,
A tavern! Fools and sages! All true ah who belies?

Crazy passions and head, beating heart and anxiety,
Thereís discord in union, sobriety lurks in inebriety,
Within ecstasy I beheld that unseen world supreme,
Dense haze and my stumbles, but I hadst to redeem

My disenthralled glory wrapped in the earthy raiment,
A dreary path ítwas; aye my passions were vehement!
Beyond the ravages of time I had discerned a treasure,
Plunder and my ardour alas meagre was my measure!

The world crumbles and upon eternity I set me gaze,
And thronged the veiled porches with reigning craze,
There were memories; there were melodies and souls,
Some alien shadows and eyes ran aghast over scrolls!

Whoís smitten? And whoís prized? O Lord, reveal;
The immortal is disengaged; inebriated down I reel,
Enchanting tunes of love and dancing with shadows,
I chanced upon an alluring rose yon in the meadows.

I hundred crowns Iíll resign, a beauty it stood there,
Spellbound I watched mystery pervade ethereal air!
The vibes of a ravishing harp had torn me asunder!
On its wings I traversed the impassable; no wonder!

My soul that I poured in my prayers had ascended,
Rose on a pompous stalk and with beauty blended!
An answerís made; Dear Lordís gracious and kind,
The crux melted and with mystery I was entwined

By Riaz Ahmad Raja Dr. June 17, 2005

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