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The primrose path


Dr Riaz Ahmad Raja

 Iím the excitement; Iím the wafting breeze,
Here a fantasy ah there a reality I did cease
To be anything but dissolved in the thin air,
Drifting over frail petals yet godly and fair!

Dispersed like subtle fragrance far and wide,
Now here then nowhere but the vales astride,
Rising to zenith in my passionís violent flow,
Dissolved and apace in horizonís claret glow.

Iím the whisper, Iím the breath wafted around,
Like breeze for an unknown destination bound,
Free from prisons and chains Iíve ignored past,
Pouring out my songs, in the strings Iím recast.

A muse or the haunted target of wanton eyes,
A wild chase, a blunted search in azure skies,
In a starís twinkle; shrouded in moonís light!
Riled on meandering brooks enthralled quiet!

Iíve forsaken earthy beauty, elegance and grace,
Dripping light from bizarre cups has lit my face,
Ale from the ethereal chalice quelled my desire,
Merchandiseís meager and I was the lone buyer.

A long forgotten lore but to the hearts I rustle,
A tranquil, I stood serene to a swelling bustle,
On crossroads I had mutely chartered the way
For a nomad whoís inadvertently gone astray!

With beats of the oppressed my heart throbs,
In the mid of night I were the breath of sobs,
Tossed to a charging lion I was a stagís dare,
Veiled and enshroud yet I laid my heart bare.

My hushed eloquence flows in my silent tears!
In the shieldís strength against staggering fears,
Cry of pain and I pitched battles against guiles,
The moan of agony I waged wars against wiles.

Disillusioned and nestled in the breast of sages,
Amidst verdure diorama I had yearned for ages,
Ah the heart of spirit hadst remained concealed,
Love me, take me! My bloodís gone congealed.

Riaz Ahmad Raja Dr, July 20, 2005

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