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Temblor – the brutal


Dr Riaz Ahmad Raja

Birds twittered in fear, earth quivered and legs trembled,

Dogs howled, winds shrieked and so mountains rumbled,

A clear sky! The sun had shone all brilliant that morning,

Over the hapless and the poor left pathetically mourning!

Ripples triumphed over ripples to fearful tremors geared,

Panic gathered to giant proportions and the hearts feared,

Gravity weighed over meager souls, as visage drew pale,

Cries and moans, a clamour that had made angels bewail.

Skyscrapers shivered, trees swayed, away the birds flew,

Thunders and cracks and near the horrors of death drew,

Moans and sighs, cries and shrieks, fright had prevailed,

Faded in colour, life faltered and was viciously assailed.

Beneath the rubbles lay many a fair and mighty all dead,

Amongst the wrecked but wriggled a few hands in dread,

The moans and cries all unheeded ah none chanced near,

Worth the name of support offered ever to someone dear.

Ghastly clouds thundered to weep many a torrent of tears,

Mechanized hands disguised bawls in the clang of shears,

Cutting, lifting, dropping and then lapse into silence soon,

Hands flail, minds were stunned and souls fell into swoon.

Tens of thousands lay buried and that night pitched dark,

Darker than the grave, the horrors posed naked and stark,

Men and women, children and elderly, stricken and frail,

In numbers large, viciously slain at the altar of fiery vale!

The dead lay scattered, maimed and so cruelly brutalized,

A scourge ’twas! A hell broken loose, wounds unrealized,

Numbers swelling, blood spurting and the dread creeping,

In the dead of night someone discovered a mother wailing

Over her dear dead son, his head smashed and there he lay,

Alas! The mighty heavens were set to witness a murky day,

When a mother shall wave her arms to keep vultures away,

Wed to the horrors of dread, blood streaked her hair astray.

The cyclorama will pain my heart for the decades to come,

Mother Nature had committed massacre truly so gruesome,

And wiped down the turmoil and screams, the soul and life,

Alack! A melancholy end had marked men’s century strife!

Dr Riaz Ahmad Raja October 11, 2005

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