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A Mystification


Dr Riaz Ahmad Raja

To perceive universe in a grain of sand,
Revamp fate with the sleight of a hand,
The pen of wisdom and love as wields!
Deciphering enigma as sapience yields!

Pause for an instant and ponder again,
Losses are colossal why a small gain?
Winds whirl, waves rile, shore shrink,
A cupís void but spills over the brink!

Opportunities rush in when Satin calls!
Iniquity soars high while integrity falls,
The righteous whisper vagabond blares,
The angels panic while the Devil dares!

Evils flourish but the kindness shrinks,
Honey vexes while ale each one drinks
Inebriety is rampant but sobriety is rare,
Wisdomís void when ignoranceís aware.

Herein I watched another world emerge,
Sagacity befooled but fancy didst surge,
Come one come thou all, itís that dance,
Here each one bleeds, itís that romance!

Down to the altar, the end I was to see,
My breath faded ah whose soul itíll be,
Who is abolished in the midst of these?
I wasnít myself, I rose from my knees!

With certitude the love had bust the bud,
A balmy breeze I were to soar and scud!
And doubts vanquished as if never born,
Twilight came on me and I was to adorn.

The kissing lips that lifted viewless veil,
My earthy garment that was of no avail,
The night bears the dawn, what a grace!
The love had flamed as flushed my face.

With some fancy, with an ardent desire,
Iíve trailed the unknown like flying fire,
Beyond horizons into ever elusive skies,
Universe laid bare ah I opened my eyes!

By Dr Riaz Ahmad Raja  June 14, 2005

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