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Donna Sorensen

Pondering and wandering through a prism filled domain, always looking for the answers in tightly textured terrain.  I am searching for clues of a pragmatic nature to sort out complexities of my current dilemma to entice a butterfly to land on my shoulder to share the bliss and nature's sweet kiss.  Oh there you are camouflaged in flowers galore, darting amongst them and flitting about, scattering butterfly dust here and there, not stopping to compare the subtle difference of the fresh moving air.  You overpower and move freely around and about, so how can I match that powerful clout, to capture your attention and land over here, on my shoulder, my hand, or even my ear.  I am still and immobile, awaiting your arrival, when much to my shock you up and re-dock, not on a rock or even my smock, but smack dab on my shoulder, and being much bolder, you prance and dance to the tune of romance, proving to be the free spirited butterfly sitting with me.

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