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Sower of the Seeds


Diane Beauton

Today, I planted all my seeds 
Along a sunny hillside road 
Then everyday I watered them 
Awaiting them to grow 

Some were quickly snatched away 
By a flock of hungry crows 
Some of them had sprouted roots 
But couldn’t seem to grow 

Others barely broke the ground 
When stifled by the weeds 
Some of them thrived and grew 
Then dropped their hearty seeds 

Of all the seeds I planted 
Few of them survived 
How sad I thought . . . 
The others all had died 

I nurtured them, I gave my best 
They could not seem to grow 
The soil was too hard for them, 
The weeds would not let go. 

In a dream the other night 
The Father came to me 
And this is what He had to say 
As He spoke about the seeds 

I too planted seeds of hope 
In the hearts of men 
I also waited by their sides 
As I nurtured them 

Not all of them could understand 
And were swiftly, lead astray 
Yet, some of them began to grow 
But with hardship, fell away 

Many grew, but not in strength 
Earthly pleasures kept them weak 
Still there are those, who understood, 
Bore fruit, the hope they keep.

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