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Devil's Delight

Driftwood floating out at sea,
This my love, you've done to me,
No land in sight, no brief respite,
Adrift, afloat, now - endlessly,
Tossed aside so carelessly.

You took me there in the dark of night,
Hours and hours, it felt so right
Moulded, shaped, formed and sculpted,
You did all that, and made me yours,
Accepted me with all my flaws.

I felt your pain, your smiles, your tears,
Those hardships you endured through the years.
A time before I came along,
A time before when you were strong,
And how life's cruelties stripped you bare,
And yet somehow, you held it there.

What I didn't know, I never knew,
How much that pain affected you.
So now how easily you turn away,
Without a touch, or backward glance,
You walk away, I'm in a trance.

I'm lost again, I've lost my soul
You made me feel, you made me whole,
But I'm just someone you tested, and bested
You eyed me, tried me, took me apart,
Then neglected, rejected, and broke my heart.

Driftwood floating out at sea,
This my love, you've done to me,
But I am strong, I will survive,
You taught me that, to stay alive,
To get up, stand tall, and take the pain,
So yes, in spite of you, I'll love again.

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