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As the world turns time passes and you feel the burn. You look around and you see some much despair caused by poverty. Because the poor are dying in pre-dug graves they are lying. It keeps spinning and it's all dying. All love that existed burns in confusion, of an unquestionable future and fear of a undesired union.

A powerful despair grips the mind in fear of the government designed. Fear feeds the rich and greases the wheels. Of a war machine that doesn't understand yield. Barges in lacking any remorse. It's hard to feel sorry when you aren't at the reigns of the horse.

Then the poverty comes into to play. The rich show the power and that they're here to stay. Then they deploy the serviced of the "less fortunate." Those who don't have the connections and then have to suffer the life of a true patriot. Fighting for the governments desires. Of lighting so many foreign countries afire.

Because they contain the needs of a country run off fear and greed. But the evidence is right in your face. So they found ways to keep up the pace. Of wandering eyes and questioning minds. The generate fear within the masses. Of each other and with each day that passes. A unity that should exist is shattered. And the people are left broken and battered.


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