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When Will Kids Stop Killing Kids?
No Time Soon


Derek Bracer

Another shooting at a public school on Thursday, May 20- this time in Georgia, exactly 100 days after the Columbine, Littleton, Colorado massacre. 

The media has already trotted out its rationalizations: 

1. The Internet 
2.  Rock groups 
3.  Violence on tv/cable 
4.  Violence at the theatre 
5.  Violent video games 
6.  Lax security at schools 
7.  Poor public schools 
8.  Latch-key kids- working parents 
9.  Stupid teachers 

Other happenings- better known as, "Ratings War- Let's glorify this killing and make it BIG!"

**Enlightened psychologists who haven't been in a school since puberty will look scholarly on morning talk shows.

**Senators and representatives, both Democrat and Republican, will debate the issue, form several committees, spend a billion dollars, and act as though they really care

**The media will converge on the small town just 30 miles east of Atlanta. Katie Couric will have tears in her eyes, again.

**Bill Clinton, ole compassionate Bill, will send forth a statement from the White House saying how "appalled" everyone should be.

**Since it is close to election, Al Gore, taking Bill's place, will make the 10-second sound-bite. He might even pound on the podium. He will show how compassionate he is.

**Nightly specials entitled "When Will Kids Stop Killing Kids?"


No Time Soon


Too many kids see killing other kids as a way to make their lives have some meaning, and the adult world is playing right into the trap by making each event the most tragic ever.

As a teacher in a public school, I can count the number of kids capable of committing these callous killings. The media has made a big deal about why no one does anything until it is too late. Most teachers know who these students are, but they are powerless. Nothing really can be done about the EH (emotionally handicapped student) until it is too late. He has rights. He has advocates. He has the law on his side. What do the rest of us have? FEAR

When I was in school 30 years ago, these students were placed in special schools where they could get the help they needed. What are we doing today? We are placing these mentally ill (emotionally handicapped (EH) label) right in the classroom next to the school's best and brightest. How long does it take for an EH student to lose all confidence in himself? How long will it take for the EH to develop a deep resentment for his fellow classmates? His teachers? His parents? Himself? How long will it take before just one wrong, bad day some EH student starts blowing others away? Not long.

It can happen anywhere, any day, any time.

Now understand, not all EH students are at risk, but it only takes one to create a tragedy. With every tragedy given a new name with more publicity, teenagers who have no reason for having a life believe their vicious act will give them some kind of glory.

Fahrenheit 451, a futuristic novel by Ray Bradbury, portrays a society that encourages abortion and the elimination of a good family structure. In this novel, the youth have no regard for life. After missing a man crossing the street, a carload of teens came back to try and run him over.

What example has the adult world set for our youth?

Our society has encouraged the slaughter of millions by abortion, has encouraged the destruction of the family by a divorce-on-demand court system, and has accepted glorified violence as part of life in our entertainment world. The worst acts of violence may be that our children might have already turned the corner to killing without remorse, a la 451.

I believe it is too late to turn back the clock; we see violence everywhere. Everyone is always appalled by the teen's actions. Why should we be surprised? All it takes is one emotionally disturbed teen who has other emotionally disturbed friends who decide to get some of the glory for themselves. We have brought this violence upon ourselves and now we are going to have to live and die with it.

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