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To the Bride


Dena Larson

You've shared so many moments,
You've laughed and cried and hugged.
And now you join in Marriage
To show an undying love.
To him you are an angel
To you he is a Saint
And in your life together,
Happiness you'll paint.
Don't forget to listen.
Don't forget to hear.
For every little whisper,
May help to dry a tear.
Every time you miss him,
Kneel down and pray.
And God will hug you both
And get you through the day.
Look into his eyes
And see his heart
And forever are you bonded,
'Til death do you part.
Cherish his kindness
Accept his faults
And love him as Jesus would
No matter what.

He taught me how to listen…
To the whispers near my ear.
He told me that he loved me…
And always would stay near.
He held me as I worried…
He spoke when I could not.
He carried every ounce of pain…
No care of the cost.
He smiled when I won the race…
He understood when I lost.
He gave me strength to withstand pain…
He gave me bitter sweet tears.
And my heart he did heal…
As he took away my fears.
He loved me unconditionally…
He still loves me today.
He's here as I remember him.

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