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I Heard Him Say


Dena Larson

When He called I heard Him,
I listened to Him say

Child you have wandered
Let Me help you find your way.

I smiled for His kindness.
I thanked Him with a prayer

And when I turned my back
From His heart did draw a tear

I love you child I heard Him say
And He held out his hand as I looked away.

Church came so early,
I didn't need to go,

What could the Pastor say
That I didn't already know?

Child can you hear me?
You never read My Word,

Later! I called
As I rushed off to work.

You are not alone
I could still hear Him say,

While at a party with friends
I wished He'd go away.

Sorry for leaving,
Sorry I forgot.

But Lord I had a life to live
And for You, time I had not.

I want you to know Me,
I heard Him say,

But I do I told Him
As I ran away.

My heart is lonely
I don't know why,

I can't hear the voice,
I feel the need to cry.

Where did it go?
Which shelf is it on?

If only I knew, maybe
I could go on.

On my knees I fell,
Crying to hear.

And in that sweet voice
He answered my prayer.

I never left you child,
Although you pushed away.

Now take My Hand
And again I'll lead the way.

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