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The Strength to Endure



Please, let me tell you

About the world that I knew

The hopeless and terrifying

Hell I came through!


The dark, lonely nights,

The heartbreaking days

Alone against the world

Have I fallen from Grace?


What was my crime?

What did I do?

Am I really so different

From you and you and you?


Although just a child

I had mountains to move

Afraid the accusations

One day I would prove!


Oh!  How many times

Can one child’s heart break

Before it cries out loud

No more can I take!


The tears that I wept

The pain that I knew

Deep down in my soul

They grew and grew and grew!


Your taunts are never ending

Your glances – so cold

I want it all back,

The childhood you stole!


Oh, please make it end

I want a new life!

One without terror,

And struggle, and strife!


No one did I trust

My thoughts I did hide

Why was there no God

To stand by my side?


Where did my strength come from?

Am I blessed or am I cursed?

From whence came the power

To get me through the worst?


Was it Spirit’s love I heard?

A pleading voice in my mind

That urged me to endure

Someday peace you will find!


Although it took me fifty years

To find my chosen path

I now can say those glorious words

“I am finally free at last!”


I’m finding Spirit’s presence

In small and simple ways.

And if you ask for guidance

You'll here Him every day.

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