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Another False Prophet


David Rothman

Evil lurked, hidden, concealed. Though defeated countless times since  time began, wickedness remained alive, planning, waiting, hidden behind many masks, until it finally showed its dreadful face and worked its wicked craft upon the civilized world, murdering thousands of men, women, and children- Christians, Muslims, Jews, and people of all faiths- in New York and Washington, D.C., on that never to be forgotten September morning.

Those who have been led to believe that this wanton act of mass murder was God's will, reconsider your beliefs. I too am a man of God, but I am also a man of reason. Over the years, while living a good life, I have discovered that at times the devil sneaks from within its dark and dingy abode out into the light of day, disguised in holy robes. When the devil walks about hidden beneath those tainted sheets, we must recognize him, for no greater evil upon the earth exists than the depravity which is cloaked beneath a corrupt cleric's garb.

Beware the serpent who perverts the word of Allah, who employs Allah to sanctify a perverse plan. Think seriously and carefully about what this treacherous plan entails. Does God really endorse the distorted world the evil doer wishes to create? Is it God's will to martyr ourselves by murdering civilians, killing men, women, and children, destroying God's creations? Should women, your mothers and daughters, be treated with less respect than men, kept uneducated, live in fear? Should children be taught hate, deprived of education, kept ignorant of all but a distorted interpretation of the holy Qur'an? Should other religions and their holy relics be destroyed? Should civilization itself be destroyed? Should we think no more?

Though your life may be far from joyous now, do not attempt to destroy the civilization that took God so long to build, for that attempt will not enrich your life, but will surely signal your doom. You will improve your life, your family's lives, and your fellow countrymen's lives only if you follow the true words of Allah, and if you work to improve rather than destroy the world around you. The civilized world stands ready and willing to help you help yourselves. Do not be fooled by the evil doer who claims to be a holy warrior, for he is nothing but a false prophet, nothing but a mortal man who would destroy you along with heaven and earth, to reach his selfish goals.

Alas, no matter how hideous and twisted the false prophet is, many are fooled by him, for one man's evil doer is another man's holy warrior in Satan's insane domain. The evil doer is nothing but an unhappy man among unhappy men whose twisted logic concludes that the destruction of Western civilization will lead to bliss in this world and the next. Can't you see that this mortal man who calls himself a "holy warrior" does the Devil's work while dressed in holy shrouds? How can I light the darkness?

In his quest to destroy all that does not agree with his extremely deranged perspective of the world, the false prophet, who masquerades as a holy man, converts innocent boys - young men full of life and love, young men who have the potential to make the world a more perfect place, young men created by god to live and to create future generations - converts these good young men into hate filled weapons that can do nothing but destroy what God has taken so long to create. Beware you children of God who have been transformed into the living dead, into human bombs, beware for the Devil has worked his cruel magic upon your souls.

Think. Use reason and logic and compassion. Use the mind given to you by God above. Open your mind and let Allah guide you. You must study the Book, but as you study you must ask many questions in order to understand the meanings behind the words that Allah spoke to Mohammed, for buried within those words are God's true message. You must not allow Satan, even if he is dressed in a cleric's costume, to tell you what those words mean. Study the Qur'an and discuss the ideas with all whom you meet, for it does you no good to memorize the words without understanding those words. When you understand the words you will feel good and worthwhile, and the world will be bright, and you will hear the birds sing and the wind blow, and you will see the sun shine, and the fields will grow green again, and you will love ALL people, and they will love you.

When you study hard and you become educated and you live a good life, you will be free from the shackles of ignorance, and no men on earth or devils from hell will capture your spirit, and you will be happy in your pursuits, worthy of the praise of Allah when you truly understand the words recited by Mohammed who heard them from Allah so long ago.

Do not blindly follow your leaders. Do not let them shift the blame for  your unfortunate condition, or for the poor condition of your nation, to  others outside of yourselves. Do not let a false prophet tell you that  you are oppressed. Do not mistake differences of opinion as oppression. 

Do not mistake different religious beliefs as oppression. And do not  envy other nations or peoples. Do not mistake the fortunes of others as oppression, unless they unfairly gain their fortunes at your expense. 

Examine yourselves and what you can do for yourselves to better your conditions.

Strive to create a better world rather than to destroy the world. Look  deep within yourself. Perhaps it is you and those close to you who must change in certain ways to correct the adverse economic conditions that surround you. Perhaps you are your own worst enemy. Perhaps those who you think are your enemy are those most willing to help you.

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