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To Hear From Heaven


David Robinson

It's so good to hear his voice,

It's like a drink of spring water on a hot summers day, like a cuddle when your feeling down, a hot water bottle on a frosty night, a summers night with stillness in the air, a walk though autumn leaves or the sweetness of new mown grass,

It's like a spring morning when the birds sing of the glory that is His alone, it's all this and more, it's like renewing friendship with a long lost friend or when a son comes home as a surprise (I will never forget that day)

Oh I love his word don't you? Its like a fresh breeze on a baking hot day, the smell of a glasshouse that's just been watered in the heat or the sound of your favourite music, its like waking up in darkness and finding that outside the door there is light...

It's like newly baked bread, a comforting smile, a mothers loving touch, a fathers embrace, a daughters funny ways, a sons strength, oh Lord you are altogether lovely!

Is being able to sleep soundly when all around you things are in a mess, like being in a place where fear has no passport and where sickness has no visa and where death is defeated.

To a child It's like the smell of candyfloss on their first visit to the circus, an ice cream on a summers day, the making of their first snowman with dad's help, the winning of a race when mum and dad are watching and cheering, the passing of their first big exam, a hug that says I forgive you when they write on the kitchen wall.

To a mum, it's like a babies first smile, the feel of a babies hand on her face, her child's first word, a well done from the husband, a shoulder to cry on, a warm embrace with no strings attached and being loved just for herself, getting a birthday card without having to prompt anyone and getting control of the TV control box..

To a dad it's like having being loved without having to do DIY, not having to make all the decisions, hearing a well done, a kiss with no ulterior motive, being allowed to be himself instead of Tom cruise, being told he looks great even when he looks like an old man, getting a daughters hug without a request for extra pocket money and a son's smile without having to hand over the car keys,

To a daughter, its like hearing a father say I love you, a well done from mum, a compliment without fishing for one, a first date, a first real friend, a brothers love, a kiss without strings; its like being wanted just for herself and being hugged without an ulterior motive.

To a son, it's like fathers well done, a mums appreciation, his first real girlfriend, his first car, his first love affair, his first night out without a chaperone, his first good job and being admired by his friends and having the whole world say, 'your wonderful.'

Is like the moon light on a dark night, welcome, the stars on a clear night, inspiring, like the rain after drought, essential, like the sun always there, like breathing, we could not live without him, like a comforting smile, a treasure, and like living with a faithful friend, comforting. It's life with a capital T, awesome.

It's like receiving everything you ever needed, everything you ever desired and being in every place you ever wanted to be and all at the same time, it's like being the wealthiest person on earth without the hassle and worry about loosing it all.

It's like being so close to God that you can almost touch him, rewarding; it's like heaven on the way to heaven,

It's like having every good and precious memory flooding your mind at the same time

As for me I could not nor would I want to live without him or his
Word of life.

David Robinson

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