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What Would I Say?


David J. Collins

Had I the opportunity to address the General Assembly of the United Nations -
what would I say?

Peace would be my cry.

For such an ideal I'd be willing to die.

Amidst the madness in a world gone awry.

Matter not the "what if?," but rather the "Why?"

Wealthy Nations motivated by greed.

Poor Nations concerned with need.

Had I the opportunity - "what would I say?"

Militarism on the rise.

Nuclear proliferation disguised.

Hate demonstrated through man-made diseases.

The rich and the powerful do just as they please.

Had I the opportunity - "what would I say?"

I denounce your ethnocentrism and your class distinction.

I decry your Machiavellian philosophy of "Might makes Right."

I am appalled at your portrayal as the Apple of God's Eye.

Had I the opportunity - "what would I say?"

I bemoan your World Wars as a travesty.

For you Justice is stored up, for your lack of mercy regarding Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Though then you were known as the League of Nations.

You great purveyor of Injustice.

You've made the globe a gigantic chessboard upon which the poor Nations are but Pawns.

Had I the opportunity - "what would I say?"

IMF loans given while some are forgiven.

War crimes and War Tribunals.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: nuclear, chemical, and biological.

On the precipice of a bottomless pit you now stand.


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