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Spring Rain


David H.

Lying face up in my pillows after a long swim I notice it start to rain,
I can hear the frogs as they trot along in the water,
The next door neighbours make a big splash,
Next I hear the water down my gutter go gush,
Then after the rain is calm,
I go out and enjoy the mist.

Once inside again I peer back out into the thick mist,
Then out of nowhere there is the fragrance of a light rain,
Gradually I feel a feeling of peace and calm,
I hear the street drains slurping down the fresh water,
The water in the gutter slows gushing
And the kids stop splashing.

The rain stops and there are no more kids to make the water splash,
The sun pops out and destroys the mist,
No water in the gutter to go gush,
And alas no rain,
No more water,
Just calm .

For it is too calm!
Come back out kids and splash!
Drains please slurp up some more water!
Sun go away and let there be mist!
Please come back rain,
So you can let the gutters gush.

Alas my wishes do not come true, there is no water to gush down those gutters,
'Tis too calm,
But alas no rain,
No kids to splash,
No mist,
And, no water.

What's this, water?!
Could that sound really be a gutter gush?
No, it can't be mist!
Where is all the calm?
Is that sound I hear a kid splash?
It must be rain!!!

Yes yes, it is rain water,
It is a kid splashing, and it is a gutter gush!
And alas it is the misty calm. 

This is a Sestina Poem, it is pretty difficult to do but here are the 


There are 7 stanzas 
There are 6 lines in the first 6 stanzas and 3 in the 7th .
You take six words and make them end sentences, then you scramble them in the 
following order. 

First Stanza: 2nd (Stanza) 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Stanza

1st word (I chose Rain) 6th (mist) 3 5 4 2 1,2 
(rain, water)
2nd (Water) 1st (rain) 6 3 5 4 
3rd (Splash) 5th (ferocious)4 2 1 6 
5,6 (calm, mist) 
4th (Gush) 2nd (water) 1 6 3 5 
5th (Calm) 4th (gush) 2 1 6 3 
6th (Mist) 3rd (splash) 5 4 2 1 

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