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David Frazier

Have you seen a foggy mist,

Lie upon the mountain's edge,

On a cool morn in spring,

When the sun just awakens?

Have you seen a bright moon,

Alit upon its black canvas?

To throw night-light upon the Earth,

Its silvery glow upon the land.

A slight breeze blowing,

Across one's face at twilight.

And the fresh ocean's scent;

Lungs drink to thrill deep inside.

The warm sand squishes between toes,

Caresses a tired heel, soothing;

Tiny diamonds yield to your step,

And remember your passing with a print.

As one's pace finds an open field,

Of the most golden grassy straw.

The flitter-bugs buzz around the stalks,

Furry buds tickle at your knee.

The cricket chirps his song,

As the bright sun drenches,

Quiets to a hush as you pass,

Sings again when your heel has left.

The cold stream bubbles up,

And lazily passes by you.

Carefree to where it goes;

Winding onward and away.

Senses to awaken one to life,

Touches and whispers,

Sings and soothes,

Mother Earth loves.

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