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An Indispensable Phenomenon


David Duke Ujah

You may be sad
You may be dismayed
Or a frustrated life you lead
And you feel there is no hope to it
Alas! A sweet melody would do the trick

Hasnít it been told?
That great men have seen, fought
And bravely conquered their foes
Not with the aid of chariots or weapons
But through the rich sound of music
Burning deeply in their sub-conscious

Music is sweet, soothing and desirable
To him who is afflicted or in pain
There is no cure like a lyrical balm
Which sweetens and refreshes the soul
To turn good his sorry predicament

Music is life and the essence of living
To all mortal beings on the surface of the earth
Who is the hopeless and dying man?
Who feels life is a total waste
For an encounter with music would create
A richness of life worth living in him

Tel me friend
Can a man survive without food?
Can he live without a taste of water?
How then can this world be without music?
Because life without music is like
Walking through the desert without food or water

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