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David Bruce Mattle

Forever lost in the eternal night,
Surrounded by darkness as my demons take flight,
When I cover my ears I still hear their screams,
Even in sleep they all haunt my dreams,
Painful suffering is the Devil's delight,
Tears flow from my eyes as I clench my fists tight.

Wishing one wish that shall never come true,
To gaze forever in your eyes of blue.
In the back of my mind my memories hold strong,
Trying to block all that went wrong.
If wealth is really measured by the things that we own,
Then I must be destined to walk this world alone.

In parallel worlds you've suffered as well,
Trying to escape your own little hell.
With their paws around your ankles they hold you so tight,
You lose all hope and don't even fight.
Your cries for help echo through my ears,
But I can't help you, you're all my worst fears.

You do not care for a broken hearted man,
After giving you my heart, I've done all I can.
I could swallow my pride, and make the first move,
But you would never love me so what would it prove?
Holding out my hand for you to take hold,
Your lips would curl and low and behold,

You'd reject me.

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