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The Kiss


Dave Frazier

The fire has grown tired,

And its light has now dimmed low.

Gentle crackling of its embers,

They are now aglow.

Gentle and relaxed my mood,

By the quiet hearth with you.

And I look deep in your eyes,

And see that you are too.

The lazy fire shines a flicker,

Upon your deep dark eyes I see.

A warming glow upon your cheek,

While sitting close to me.

I've known you so very long, dear love,

And never do I tire.

Of peering deep into your soul,

Of jumping deep into your fire.

I lean so close, my cheek to yours,

And I feel the softness of your skin.

Warm breath plays all upon my face,

Warming breeze from deep within.

A quiver is upon my lips,

Gently brushing upon your face.

The fire crackle fades far away,

As my heart begins to race.

I float away upon your kiss,

And I draw you close to me.

Your hair is teasing at my cheek,

In your embrace, I want to be.

Love grows each time we kiss,

Bright warming like the sun.

Our embrace binds us so strongly,

Souls melded, we are as one.

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