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The God I Know


Dave Frazier

I peered into a sad man's eyes,

Sagging, tired, wet with tears.

He asked why God can't hear his cries,

Why God won't take his fears.

He told me how his son just died,

From the gunshots of that gang.

He told me how he sat and cried,

Ever since those gunshots rang.

He asked me how a loving father,

Could see his children with no meal.

And act as though he had no brother,

How could he allow this to be real?

Through those eyes, I saw the pain,

Dwelling in his heart, ever so deep.

I saw through the tears that fell like rain,

From eyes that never did sleep.

I had no word to comfort him,

I had no words to say.

I couldn't say something on a whim,

To make it go away.

All I could do was hold him tight,

Warm arms to help him feel.

It was all I could do, it did seem right,

The love I had was real.

After long moments, his tears did dry,

And I could see a tiny smile.

About the hug, he asked me why,

He asked me why I stayed awhile.

He asked me why I was there,

And held him as tears rained down.

Why did I even seem to care?

His tears so deep, we both could drown.

I paused a moment, felt my heart warm,

As a gentle voice whispered in my ear.

My love will save you from all harm,

My blood will draw you near.

I whispered that healing can only start,

By the love that comes from the Father.

Whose Spirit lives deep in my heart,

And that is why I bother.

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