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My Maiden of the Lakes


Dave Frazier

As fair as a pale blue sky,

Or the gentlest of summer breezes.

Was my lover, the Maiden of the Lakes,

My Elven nymph, did she charm me.

To dance upon the glassy water,

Ripples lapping at the shore.

'Ere the sun of the morn has awoken,

Fair maiden does play upon the Lake.

At the first, entranced did I become,

Rhythmic movement did hypnotize.

To cause the very beating of my heart,

To follow her every motion.

Tresses to flow as of golden rivers;

Milky white skin as soft as newborn grasses;

Lithe is she of graceful curves,

To please one's eyes, so soothing!

Bright eyes to see deep into your heart,

Betray a gentle child inside her,

Yet blaze with a passionate fire,

To scorch her mark upon my soul.

She smiles to me at the dawn of day,

With warming sun peeking from under night's blanket.

Sings of friends and life and the power of love,

Slight lips kiss my cheek as of a soft breeze.

At the gentle touch of her hands,

To strengthen my soul and will.

I promise my heart to her with each glance,

She is my life, my Maiden of the Lakes.

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