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Gentle Night To Steal My Love


Dave Frazier

Gentle night, do not descend upon me,

I cannot leave the day.

And tho your shadows do ease bright light,

'Tis the sun of day I crave.

For to darken my world with your ebon beauty,

And your myriad stars to dot the sky;

Would veil my eyes from she whom I love,

Fade into your darkened embrace would she.

Cry into your blackness would I,

Alas, my Love! Art thou there?

Steal her beauty from my eyes, do you,

To hide her in your black shadows.

To suffer my eyes such blindness,

The cruellest of torments

For to not gaze upon her beautiful face,

Would snuff my beating heart.

As tho to drive forth the killing dagger,

Deep into my soul it would.

My life to escape my very clutch,

To escape the grasp of such loneliness.

No! For even one night I could not,

Her spell is upon my soul.

And I need her beauty to fill my eyes,

And cause my own heart to stir

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