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Dave Frazier

A fish gave me a kiss last night,

As I swam down at the shore.

Moonlight glittered on the waves,

As I dove down for some more.

There she swam, all slimy and scaly,

Twitching fins to and fro.

She paused to blow a bubble-kiss my way,

It was true love, wouldn't you know.

Her lines were sleek and graceful,

Thin-waisted and full lips.

Her shiny eyes looked deep in mine,

My eyes were on her hips.

My heart raced on, speeding into the night,

And I swam with her all around.

We raced and frolicked, playfully flirting,

Until my feet rested on solid ground.

But I cried upon the shore that night,

I knew I could not have her.

What would friends think of my love?

It would truly cause quite a stir.

And so I bid her a fond adieu,

Teary-eyed upon the shore.

My scaly girl I kissed good-bye,

And then I saw her no more.

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