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As Sad Eyes Cried


Dave Frazier

I sat upon the mountaintop,

Watching My charges below.

Glad was My heart to see,

My children come and go.

They smiled to each other,

Exchanged warm hugs each day.

Never ever were they too busy,

To pause along their way.

I saw a troubled soul one day,

Lost he had become.

A brother lifted up his spirit,

And then they were but one.

My heart soared to see,

Two hearts to love as one.

No longer were they troubled,

The healing had begun

And then I gave My children,

A clean, bright sunny day.

To warm them deep inside their hearts,

My Love to light their way.

But someone didn't see,

My bright sun on that day.

Their hearts grew cold and hard,

Evil took them away.

They took many of My children,

As though that they could say.

Forced Me to collect their souls,

Made many sad that day.

And now My mountaintop is cold,

My bright sun no longer warm.

For I see My children saddened,

Their hearts have suffered harm.

I wish that I could let them know,

This is not that which I gave.

Long ago I gave them freewill.

That they are not my slave.

But My children never learn,

And though I will forgive.

Now I cry from saddened eyes,

And hope they learn to live.

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