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Just a Few


Danielle N. Pavone

To love you is like loving dirt
Everyday I just keep getting hurt
Why must this go on? Why can't you treat me right?
Everyday it's always some stupid fight
It was always just a few
But I still couldn't figure out what to do
Remember the chitchat? How about those lies?
I can't believe love turned to hate, it was so unjustified
You've got me under a spell
And when I leaned, I fell
I fell into your arms and reached out to you
You pushed me away and that's when I knew
I should have listened when they told me love is blind
What was I really trying to find?
My frustrations always got to me
But now they are no longer here
Driving around down a windy road listening to Aamon
Reminds me of how much you plant the shame in
Well guess what now?
It's out with the old and in with the new
I bet your sorry now because I took just a few
The dosage was to strong for my liver
Now you're sitting there with the shivers
I'm in a better place but because of you I'm missing out on just a few
But who would have knew that I was feeling blue?
I hope you're satisfied now because I am
Now that I'm dead do you give a damn?

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