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Dear God


Daniel Greene

Dear God,
I think I have a problem Lord,
and I don't know what to do.
I have thought about it a lot lately,
and I think it's because of you.

I know that very recently 
We haven't been that close,
but God I'm sure you realized
its nothing that I chose.

Now that I have got that straight
I can tell you what's been on my mind.
Its quite a lot of complaining,
so I hope you have some time.

I know you say you love me
and I know you're probably there
So the thought of this situation
is somewhat hard to bare.

I know it's been a while 
think you'll remember well,
when my wife died six years ago
It was like a living hell.

My mother was a comfort
and all my friends came through
every one was there Lord.
Everyone but you.

Also let me remind you 
the time my house burned down,
I had all the sympathy,
From everyone in town.

Everyone was so kind to me,
and if you only knew,
how I felt an urge to thank my friends,
and having no reason to thank You!

But now I face a problem 
and there's no use telling You.
I know You can't help me.
There's nothing You can do.

I've done my best
I've had all I can bear
While some may leave a letter.
I'm saying a suicide prayer.

Now that it is over
with one fatal shot I die.
It is quite a different story now 
to look You in the eye.

I see an eye of kindness
one than gives a helping hand
but I also see disappointment
Eyes that have helped all they can.

"My child," He said
"I can't help you anymore.
You couldn't trust me during your fight..."
God directed me out the door.

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