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Daniel Gallik


He Asked For Some Self-Conceit

She profits in her divinity.
Soon she will make more. He
Loves her. Her fruitful pot
Of God graces the cunning in
Her deceit. He laughs at her.

Makes many mistakes. His wax
Wings melt within her knowledge.
Doctors' names are the ones
She knows. The melting, the
Overthrow, and mess in marriage

Are the entire plot of this
Movie. He smiles. She laughs.
The theology increases. Kids
Do not know any of this now.
They will. Magic is the bliss

Of less words spoken. Tricks
Become the only things they
Giggle about in the world of
Too much reality and sand and
time. He surfeits the curses.

He said to me, "A lady's voice
I yearn for over silence." This,
after his wife died of old age.
Silence is what I spoke to him.

Uttered tears inertly came to his
face. I looked away. Thought,
"We're only men." He whispered,
"Who shall I sleep with?" Again,
I spoke not a syllable. He said,

"I dare to whisper unanswerable
phrases at this time in my life."
And. "She understood majesty."
In his remaining years he died

Slowly as he supplicated himself,
asking for patience. Lied sunken
in their old bed, praying that what
he said to her she had forgotten.
"But honey, damn, liked fucking you."

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