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Sister Silver


Dana Ruffin

I gaze across an oval gateway
a smooth pool of limpid silver
I pass into the looking glass
to a labyrinth of crevices and warm secret places
of soft pink flesh and smooth pale curves
a graph that maps an image
to a girl lost and longing
seeking and desperate
I am Ophilia, I am woman
I am nothing more than human

my fancies are trifles
my pleasures engraved
embracing silent winds of bright memories
soothing and eloquent as unblemished marble
my eyes are enveloped in a gaze of hazel
speckled and curious, open and fresh
my love is lavender and tender
as an infant's soft touch
and a child's innocent whisper

the world and I are one
in wind and soul
in the magnetic pull of a full moon
and the embracing glow of an awakening sun
I melt into the light of day
as ice dilutes to tiny pools before my eyes
succumbing to a ministry mist

my sister standing watch at my looking glass
trespass along my footprints
and walk at my side through this world of mine
sit at my table of mahogany
let's drink some cherry wine
this hour is ours to devour
yesterday, today and tomorrow

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