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Accidents and Incident


Dana Ruffin

In the incident of an accident
reasons are not spoken or dare to break
the reverent silence and questions only appear in time
smiles pass on trembling lips
hiding behind expressions that lie
happenings and chance are labelled as tragic
clinging to emotions as they fly behind a rush of traffic
hushed footsteps click on marble as feet drag and sweep
under whispering voices with the random phrase
"It's just one of those things ... how sad"
Who are they to say?
grief, emptiness, loneliness, madness and such
what teacher or passing spectator in our lives tells us that we must
be tough
there are speeches of doom
and accidents and tragedies on any given
afternoon looming through any given t.v screen
all accidents are fated incidents in the tapestry of destiny
each of us is nothing more than instruments
playing a part and standing a link in the ring of faith and fate
be it a mate or friend or the passing stranger within our world
be it man or woman, boy or girl
under all the frenzy of the world there lies a calm
found in the silent rhythm of our palms
found in the link that binds us all together
and the chain that goes out
into the eventide of forever

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