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When God Made Grandmas


Dana Ledden 

When God made grandmas He was showing his love.
The tenderness, caring and endless patience that poured from her soul

As I look into the eyes of my past, 

I remember---
Playing in the creek, 
Playing hide-n-seek,

Rocking on the front porch,
Listening to her soothing voice,

Wishing upon the stars that dance like a carousel.
Watching the clouds and the angels that journey there.
Remembering her touch on my hair 
and feeling the love that was always there.

Picking orange honeysuckles in the sunlight,
Crickets chirping in the velvet blue night.


Her spirit now soars in the heavens above
Perfect peace and on the journey of love.

The grace of an angel's touch we will miss
across the sky I can just make a wish…
and knowing FOREVER that her star will shine on…

Childhood memories will always remain
preserved in my heart, waiting the TIME for my wings to SOAR~~!

When God made "MY GRANDMA" He was showing his love.

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