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The Voice


Dana Ledden

As I lay here all alone my soul reaches out to her.
Does she hear me?
Can her heart feel mine calling to her?
So alone--resisting with everything in my soul that keeps me from
running to her.
I need to feel her strength, her touch, her love.
The tragedy of time.
I tremble at the moments I see her in my mind--such beauty, so gentle
and kind.
Her love so true, such a union of souls, undeniable, yet uncertain.
She has enlightened my heart to this tedious thing we call love--yet
the voice I hear inside my soul weights so heavy unto my heart.
I must tame my desire, the burden of my life so brutal.
yet this voice will not cease-----beckoning-----how do I battle with
this voice in my soul?
I shall quell this voice for I shall rage against this voice that is
I will compel my heart to be pure, to reconcile my memory.
I shall restrain for now.
I see her radiance and feel the tears as I dwell upon my remembrance of
my love---which makes me strong, a steady source of strength.
I shall be vigorous in my stand.
One day the voice I no longer have to hear.
I shall spring as my soul bounds and our lives join to be one---
Oh~~The Day!
I shall no longer be staid, but shall leap as she closes the road to
the past and "WE" unfold.
Oh, what splendour as the voice I no longer will hear.
"WE" have conquered this which kept us bound.
Our souls now soar as the time has come.

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