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When Would You...?


D. A. Williams

You don't know what to make of it
The words that I spit
Walk a mile in my shoes
Then see how you feel
How long would it take
For you to finally snap
Lose your f**king mind
And go on the attack

Would it have been age thirteen
When you broke your leg
Not to the hospital
Dad left you home instead
Can you tell me the truth
Would that have gone to your head?

How about age sixteen
When you came home from school
Mom's lost her job
And is collecting a welfare check
While you're out working two jobs
A boy out being a man
After that shit
Would you raise a hand?

Or age twenty-one
To pay for school
You want to use your inheritance
Only to find out
That it was spent by your parents

Now you're twenty six
And your wife walks away
Takes your pride and joy
Would you have something to say?

Yeah, I would too
So don't feel too bad
But I speak my mind
Using linguistic elegance
For to allow the anger
To influence my actions
Would require me
To lower my intelligence!!!

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