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True Friends


D. A. Williams

Isn't it funny
How bad times reveal true friends
There when you need them
Through the thick and the thin
I want to extend a word of thanks
To each and all of you
Not because you did what you did
But because you didn't have to

To Carrie and Josh
Thanks for the good times
You'll never imagine
How much the phone calls
And the fishing trips
Helped to ease my mind
If ever you need me
I'm there until the end
In me you can trust
You've always got a friend

To Jane and Joe
Thanks for the roof over my head
The warm meals
The open arms
And even a vacant bed
The two of you have been there
No matter what I may have done
And even though there's no blood
You've treated me like a son

Debbie and Connie
We have spent years together
Its hard to think back
To happy times and places
And then think of those times
And not see your faces
You all have been there
For the good and the bad
I just wanted y'all to know
You're the sisters I never had

And Crystal Lynn
What more can I say
Just to hear your name
Puts a smile on my face
You are better than I
Thanks for all your kind words
I'm not sure that I would've done the same
If the situation was reversed

These are all people
Who's lives I've touched
And when I started to fall
They've held me up
Kept me from hitting the floor
Not just the good times
But the bad too
That's what friends are for.

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