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Generation X


D. A. Williams

They don't care at all

About you; about me

With our million dollar schemes

And our broken pipe dreams

We live our lives in a bubble

A constant battle and struggle

To me and you this is hustle

To them it's just trouble

We are all victims of our lives

And the things done to maintain

When a little hope for tomorrow

Is all we've tried to gain

Hope, such a beautiful word

Hold onto it

Like the things we see everyday

Have never occurred

No death in our streets

No war to our east

No more babies crying

Cause they don't have enough to eat

No more hyphenated Americans

You're either here or you're not

This is a call to arms

So s*** or get off the pot

It is time to reclaim a nation

No matter the cost

Our strength is education

Behold the power

Of the generation lost.

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