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Angel of Grace


D. A. Williams

The hardest battle right now
Is finding the joy in life
Try to forget the pain inside
Lose my reason to write
To stop thinking about
My death everyday
Would ending it all
Wipe the tears away?

I often wonder what it feels like
To give the trigger a squeeze
To see the violent flash of light
Followed by life's final release
I wonder if I would feel it
If I really let one go
Or would it pass so quickly
That I would never even know

I've even put the gun to my head
God knows I gave it a try
But I couldn't pull the trigger then
For I saw my daughter's eyes
A vision of them
Was there in my mind
To provide a sense of direction
At the darkest hour, with all hope gone
There for my protection

In her eyes
I see the best of me
A truly better version of self
So if she ever needs anything
I've gotta be there to help

I don't think things are gonna work out
Between me and your mom
There are just some issues there
That we can't seem to resolve
But if you ever need anything
Don't hesitate to call
In my heart of hearts
I know you were sent
From somewhere up above
An Angel of Grace
To light my way
And teach me the meaning
....of love

I love you doodlebug!!!

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