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Daddy's Gun


Bill Stage

I saw my daddy
put his gun away
he pointed to it
and told me "this is
not a toy keep
far away" Well one
day mommy and daddy
were gone
and we had a babysitter
watching us
today. I asked her
if my friend and I
could go out
and play. So off
we went
to play cops
and robbers he had
a toy gun and I
had none.
So I ran inside to get daddy's toy
gun Then out I run, with daddy's
gun in hand and away I ran
My friend tried to shoot first
with his toy gun and missed
I shot my gun and he went down
oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! what fun.
I ran to tell him that I had won.
There was no movement.
I noticed a spot of blood
from his chest. I said laughing
this is no time to rest.
I ran to get help
for my friend.
I'm sad today
we buried my best friend
and he's gone away
I'm sorry I took my daddy's gun
out the other day This
will teach me
not to play with

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