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Past, Future, and Changes


Amber Johnson

Everyday feels like I'm going nowhere,
It feels like everything isn't fair.
I look at my past, trying to forget,
But it keeps eating at me, letting me know it don't fit.
It's become a horrible tragedy,
Locked in my deepest memory.
Sometimes I dream of being in a fantasy,
To escape this ridiculous reality.
But it never seems to stay away from my capability.
I get lost in an uptight game,
Making me realize I have a lot of pain.
We always want to erase it from our minds,
We just want to forget our bad times.
But one thing is for sure,
I'll never open that door.
I'll never go back,
I'll never hide from my past.
I will face the fact,
And be happy it's over at last.
Its time I understand,
Its time I became a woman.
I can't run from everything that rips me apart,
I have to get rid of this dart.
It is what holds me back from my dreams,
It is what destroys my belief in peace.
I now know what I'm supposed to do,
And it isn't just to look cool.
It is to bring me to freedom of this life,
It is to bring me out of this never ending fight.
For, now I am reborn,
I am finally getting rid of this thorn.

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