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If You Are a Liberal, June Wasn't Your Month


Gregory J. Rummo

One of my favorite Gary Larsen cartoons depicts several deer standing around on their hind legs, having a casual conversation with each other. One has a very obvious set of concentric rings on his belly formed by alternating light and dark hair. The pattern obviously resembles a target.

“Bummer of a birth mark, Hal,” one of the deer comments.

Speaking of glaring targets, liberals recently took several huge hits themselves in front of virtually every American as a result of the failure of their policies in areas such as education, the environment, health care and religious liberty.

“Bummer of a month,” would be an apt way to caption June in a liberal’s daily planner.

Let’s recap some of the recent events, beginning with the brouhaha over the 9th Circuit’s 2-1 decision to remove the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance; the result of liberal federal Justices appointed to the bench.

Meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee is still stonewalling President Bush’s judicial appointees. Many still have not had a hearing.

Americans need to ask themselves the question: Are Senate Democrats desirous of the same kind of justices who voted to remove God from the pledge in every court across America? Can you imagine what that would be like?

If the answer is no, then why doesn’t Majority Leader Tom Daschle demand that President Bush’s pending judicial appointees be brought before the full Senate for a vote before the summer recess?

And if that’s not enough to get you burning, let’s turn our attention to the wildfires raging out of control in Arizona and Colorado.

A July 2 Review & Outlook column in the Wall Street Journal pinned the blame squarely on liberal environmental groups. “What the fires have exposed is just how extreme even today’s mainstream environmental activists have become. [Their] no-human philosophy lies behind the Big Green litigation and lobbying that opposed the very thinning and road building that would clean up forests to protect them from fire. The result is that this fire year is now shaping up as the worst on record: Some 2.7 million acres have already burned, nearly three times the average acreage for this time of year.”

So Rush Limbaugh is not only right when he says that the most beautiful thing about a tree is what you do with it after you cut it down, but also he ’s actually the one who is environmentally sensitive.

On the education front, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that private school vouchers are constitutional. Imagine that! Americans can now direct where their own money goes when paying for their children’s education instead of having it confiscated from them quarterly in their property taxes for use exclusively by the public schools.

Ultra left-wing liberals were apoplectic over the decision. Ralph Neas, the President of People for the American Way hyperventilated, “This decision represents a serious crack in the constitutional wall between church and state.”

Someone help me please - I think I’m experiencing shortness of breath myself. The phrase “wall of separation” does not appear anywhere in the constitution -at least not in the U.S. Constitution. The only place church and state were officially separate was in the former Soviet Union.

Perhaps that is the real agenda of Mr. Neas and his comrades who seem bent on denying the right to a quality education to poor, inner-city American kids.

Seniors were also sold a bill of goods in June. I’m talking about “free” prescription drugs.

Dick Gephardt looked like he could have used a prescription laxative from the face he made, captured on the front page of The New York Times. His voice quavered and cracked as he bellowed out bogus charges that the Republican’s prescription drug program was “a sham.”

It turns out that it’s no more of a sham than the Democrat’s plan. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in America. And it doesn’t matter whether Democrats or Republicans are running the cafeteria line.

Americans should step back and ask themselves this question: If liberals have been so wrong on these issues, how can they possibly be trusted to do what is best for the American people on any issue?

Think back to 1996 as all Democrats could do was monger fear when the Republicans sent Clinton the Welfare Reform Act. The president ultimately signed that bill into law, with the caveat that he’d “fix it” in his second term.

Fortunately nothing was ever fixed and the last time I checked, the welfare roles have been cut in half. None of the Democrat's dire predictions of bulging orphanages and swelling numbers of unemployed and homeless people ever materialized.

With the November elections looming on the horizon a mere four months away, the only people that should be at risk of becoming unemployed and homeless are the charlatans on the Beltway - the liberal Democrats - who have tried to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans long enough.


Gregory J. Rummo is a syndicated columnist. His first book, "The View from the Grass Roots," is being published by American-Book. He may be contacted through his website at

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